I hate when someone complains about something and doesn’t do anything about it. Even after you give them some possibilities. I have one word for these kind of people. Idiots. Someone bullying you? Stand up for your fucking ass. Don’t just tell me you are fucking stronger than me because you stand the bullying. I was bullied, wanna know what I did? I showed them my awesomeness. Guess who is the comedian of the class? Not me, I’m more like the side jokester. I know I’m being vain, but that is what I did.

People who complain about how much their life sucks, that really gets under my skin. I don’t mean the people who actually have it bad. I mean the Facebook bitches that are always like, “I’m tired of life.” Someone asks them why, “my iPod broke.” These people deserve an extra-large clown shoe in the anus. I’m sorry, but I’ve been suicidal twice, my life fucked my so hard that I became someone else completely and I have never once complained, especially over Facebook.

People who are told repeatedly that they are hopeless at something yet they continue to do it, on the internet. I love playing guitar, I’m absolutely shit, so I only force my family and neighbours to suffer my ‘skills’. What irks me is when they then complain about being bullied yet refuse to take down the video. Someone, give me an axe!

But what really makes me want to castrate people with rusty spoons is when they insult you for being yourself. “You’re mean!” No I’m honest. “You emo faggot, stop listening to this gay music.” If Black Veil Brides and Three Days Grace are gay what is Justin Bieber? “Why do you always wear black, it’s so depressing!?!?!” Get away from me orange!! I’m allergic!!!

I could go on forever with this post, but I wont, I do have a life you know!


About brokenandliving

After not finding myself after 14 years of life and not finding something I'm passionate about, I decided to give blogging a go, what could possibly go wrong if I blog about my personal life? Maybe my enemy will find it and I will become a laughing stock at school... ohh wait, too late. I play guitar and I'm using the word 'play' very loosely. I love to write and I'm pretty good at poetry. Drawing is another hobby of mine as is photography. None are something I want to do for the rest of my life. One more thing, being a Polish 14 year old weirdo who moved to Ireland does NOT help you make a lot of friends.

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